Transforming culture – one family at a time.

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How can I get Julie to my church/group/event?
Easy! Check out the event request form here and fill out the details for your event. Once you submit the form, a member of our team will contact you to discuss options for Julie to come minister to your group!


What audience (parents, teens, kids) does Julie speak to?
Julie speaks to a wide variety of groups – from mega-churches, to leadership conferences, to groups of moms, to rambunctious youth – she enjoys speaking to everyone.


What type of speaker is Julie?
Julie’s style is laid-back, practical, and relatable. Her main goal is to be lead by God’s Spirit to encourage families. Julie is passionate about equipping families to create a culture in their homes that is stronger than the culture of the world that threatens to sweep us away. (See below for a video example of her speaking)


What topics does Julie speak on?

Setting a Paradigm for Purity
Fearless Purity
Technology Overload

For more information on Julie’s speaking topics, please click this button:


How much will it cost?
Every event is unique, and so the costs involved in make it happen are too. Our passion is for ministry and we wish that we were a fully funded ministry able to freely donate all our time and effort. As this is not a reality yet, we need to make sure we are able to cover our basic expenses to come minister to your parents and teens. Contact us and we’ll figure it out together!


What kind of followup materials will be provided after the event?

Whenever possible, Julie brings a book table full of resources she and her team have reviewed and hand-picked out of thousands of options. Along with her knowledgable volunteer staff, Julie is happy to help parents pick out books they can use to continue the training with their children at home.

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Kay & Julie

Transforming culture – one family at a time.
In the couple of Kay and Julie Hiramine you have dynamic team that is able to inspire and challenge people of all ages and walks of life. Their specialties are marriage, family and a God given vision for impacting nations from right where you are. Invite Kay and Julie to speak to your church and you won’t regret it!


A little about Julie…


As an internationally noted speaker, author and Christian leader, Julie Hiramine has encouraged and impacted parents and teens both in the US and abroad through her speaking and written materials. Julie’s experience as a parent of five children and her years in youth ministry make her a relate-able and seasoned speaker.

Julie has a passion to see culture transformed one family at a time. Her speaking style is encouraging and practical – and while Julie isn’t afraid to cover the difficult issues we are facing in our sexually broken culture, she puts her audience at ease with her transparency and easy-to-implement ideas. Whether Julie is speaking to parents or teens, her goal is to impart God’s spirit of purity, which is essential to pursuing a lifestyle of holiness.

Julie also speaks with her team, a group of (sometimes overly-zealous) young people in their 20s and 30s who are committed to transforming culture. A group with varied backgrounds and diverse experiences, the GOV team gives voice to a generation of committed believers who want to follow God’s narrow path in all areas of life.

Visit our Events Page to see where Julie and the team will be speaking next.

About Kay Hiramine

Kay Hiramine

Kay Hiramine was born into a first-generation Japanese-American Buddhist home in southern California. At the age of 17, Kay received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior. After graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts from Occidental College in Los Angeles, he worked for Procter and Gamble in southern California. Kay was ranked one of the top national salesmen for Procter and Gamble’s Food Division in 1988. He then worked for Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate as an Industrial Sales and Leasing Agent in Glendale, California.

Kay also has a distinguished career in the faith-based world. He has started multiple nonprofits and has overseen global initiatives involving millions of people in every country of the world. Kay and his wife have planted two churches, one in California and another in Colorado. Kay serves on a number of nonprofit boards, leveraging his private sector experience and applying best business practices and culture transformation applications for widows, orphans, and those being oppressed by poverty and other conditions. Kay also serves on the Oral Roberts Board of Trustees, Finishing the Task Committee, Call to All Strategy Group and Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism – Strategy Working Group.

Kay has started numerous successful private sector for-profit companies. On this solid financial foundation, he and his team have funded numerous humanitarian initiatives, NGOs and foundations globally. They have also started a Philanthropic Venture Fund that funds developing world companies that create jobs for the poor. This fund has financed over $40m in the last 13 years.

Kay has an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (IDHA) from the University of Geneva, Fordham University and the Royal College of Surgeons at the University of Belfast. He attained this globally recognized diploma in Geneva, Switzerland. Information on this program can be found at www.cihc.org. Kay has an honorary Ph.D. (LLD) in Philanthropy from Kathmandu International University, Jesus College for his global philanthropic and humanitarian activities.

Kay is the Catalyst of J127 Ministries (J127). Since 1999, J127 has been operating as a Christian ministry umbrella over a number of ministries & Kingdom businesses committed to “serving widows and orphans globally and helping people remain unstained from the world.” – James 1:27. J127 also works extensively with the persecuted church around the world. Kay is Principal of the Catalyst Global, Ltd. As Principal of this Colorado based for profit company, Kay netweaves relationships in both the private sector and faith based world.

Kay served from 2001-2013 as Founder, Catalyst & CEO for Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG), an organization he co-founded in 2001. HISG has worked with NGOs, international organizations, United Nations agencies, and U.S. and foreign government officials in sustainable humanitarian activities in more than 100 countries such as Brazil, North Korea, China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sudan, Chad, and Ecuador. HISG has moved over $100 million worth of humanitarian aid, trained over 10,000 people in disaster response, started over 2,500 small/medium and sustainable businesses, and trained over 4,000 people in community development practices since 2001. In 2007, Kay was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award by President George Bush for “setting a positive example of compassion and citizenship for the American people.”

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