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GOV's Speaking Style

Transforming culture – one family at a time. Sharing God’s message of holiness with every individual, family, and community.

How can I get GOV to speak at my church/group/event?

Check out the event request form here and fill out the details for your event. Once you submit the form, a member of our team will contact you to discuss options for GOV to come minister to your group! If we are not in your area we can arrange a meeting with zoom.

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What audience (parents, teens, kids) does GOV speak to?

Generations of Virtue speaks to a wide variety of groups – from mega-churches, to leadership conferences, to groups of moms, to youth and children – we enjoys speaking to everyone.

What is GOV’s Speaking Style?

Generations of Virtue’s style is interactive, practical, and relatable. Our main goal is to be led by God’s Spirit to encourage families and leaders. GOV is passionate about equipping families to create a culture in their homes that is stronger than the culture of the world that threatens to sweep us away.

How much will it cost?

Every event is unique, and so the costs involved in make it happen are too. Our passion is for ministry and we wish that we were a fully funded ministry able to freely donate all our time and effort. As this is not a reality yet, we need to make sure we are able to cover our expenses to come minister. Contact us and we’ll figure it out together!

What kind of followup materials will be provided after the event?

Whenever possible GOV brings a book table full of resources Julie and her team have reviewed and hand-picked out of thousands of options. Along with GOV’s knowledgeable advocates, we are happy to help parents pick out books they can use to continue the training with their children at home.

What kinds of events does GOV do?

All Youth Teens & Tweens
Primary School Children
Church Camps
Leadership Conferences
Mother/Daughter Teas
Parent/Tween Events


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