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Check out the GOV webinar on Internet Filtering.

Upcoming Webinars

Cultural Parenting – Be a relevant voice in your teen’s world


Date: August 26th
Time: 9:00 – 10:00 pm EST

What if we as parents gave up our fear of the teen years and viewed them instead as a series of final lessons before our sons and daughters come out from under our parental umbrella and start life on their own? How could these years be different by positioning ourselves shoulder to shoulder with our teens as we impart the wisdom necessary to face all the influences and confusing messages coming through the culture? Join Julie Hiramine as she sheds some light on the state of our culture and how parents can partner with their teens to guide them toward healthy choices during this short, yet critical season. Julie will address:
– The pressures teens face today
– How parents can position themselves as partners and allies – not enemies
– How to equip your teens to handle negative peer pressure
– Preparing teens for life on their own

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