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Adolescence 101

Everything You Need to Prepare

Date: July 10
Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm EST

Do you have an 8-13 year old? Especially if your kids are 10-12, then you, my friend, are into the intensive time period, and you don’t want to miss this window of opportunity! Unbeknownst to most parents, children contemplate significant decisions about sexual values, future romantic relationships, and their response to peer pressure during this delicate stage of life. You have a vital role, Mom and Dad – one that shouldn’t be forfeited to the culture! Topics discussed will include:

–           discussing body changes

–           giving “the talk” even if your parents never gave the talk to you

–           establishing do-able media standards

–           being your child’s ally in an antagonistic world

–           paving the way into the teen years with a strong relationship

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