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Past Webinars

Setting a Paradigm for Purity

DownloadChildren have an uncanny way of catching us off guard with their questions about sex – especially when the questions come much younger than we expect! The process of teaching children sexual integrity is a lot easier and much more effective when it’s started young and done in manageable pieces. Learn how to use age-appropriate information as you explain God’s design for sexuality, love, and marriage. Whether your own parents spoke to you about sex or not, you can be equipped to have these very important conversations with your own children.

Tech Tips and Tools for Parents – Devices

DownloadHandheld devices can create a lot of havoc for a child or teen – even if they use it in the same room as their parents. But like any other tool in our world, they can be used for good or evil. Instead of banning all such devices, there are a lot of measures parents can take to safeguard their children. Join the GOV team as they help you stay a step or two ahead of those devices and their potential vices.

Against the Tide – FREE Webinar!

The phrase “fail to plan; plan to fail” applies to our children and their choices all too well. Parents face so many decisions and pressures to raise their children well – especially in the area of sexual integrity – and these decisions can become overwhelming very quickly. As a ministry, Generations of Virtue has done the legwork involved in putting together a year-by-year plan parents can go through with their children to build a foundation for healthy choices both now and later in life. Join Julie Hiramine and Megan Briggs – authors of the curriculum guide Against the Tide – as they show you how to implement this powerful tool in your family.

Talking to Your Kids about Same-Sex Marriage

DownloadJoin Julie Hiramine as she interviews special guest John Stonestreet on his brand new book Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage. John is a speaker and fellow of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview and a well-researched authority on gender issues in our modern culture. Parents will learn how to share about the whole issue of homosexuality and gender confusion with their children from a Biblical perspective.

Tech Tools and Tips for Parents – Internet Filtering

Download It can be a kids’ greatest ally or worst enemy. The internet has become a gateway to the world in the lives of our kids. How can parents guard children from all the bad that can come through the internet while also teaching them to safely use this integral tool of modern life?The truth is we can’t just rely on filters, although these can be a useful tool in a parent’s arsenal. We need to strike a balance between using tools and also building in our children internal discernment that will serve them even after they’ve left our homes.

Adolescence 101

Everything You Need to Prepare
Download Do you have an 8-13 year old? Especially if your kids are 10-12, then you, my friend, are into the intensive time period, and you don’t want to miss this window of opportunity! Unbeknownst to most parents, children contemplate significant decisions about sexual values, future romantic relationships, and their response to peer pressure during this delicate stage of life. You have a vital role, Mom and Dad – one that shouldn’t be forfeited to the culture! Topics discussed will include:

  • discussing body changes
  • giving “the talk” even if your parents never gave the talk to you
  • establishing do-able media standards
  • being your child’s ally in an antagonistic world
  • paving the way into the teen years with a strong relationship


There is a lot of confusion surrounding our kids – their family relationships, sexuality, even their destiny in God. They receive conflicting messages from media, their peers, their families, and sometimes the church. Join Julie Hiramine as she equips parents to be the voice of truth and imparts God’s divine intention for families. 


Studies prove that children who have a strong sense of connection to their parents make better choices when faced with the pressure to engage in high risk behaviors. Learn how to connect with your children (at every age) in our confusing, modern world and develop relationships that stand the tests of time (including the turbulent tween and teen years!).


The negative messages rolling around in our culture are enough to drag anyone down – yet they seem to be particularly targeted at our children. “You’re not thin enough, smart enough, good enough, etc.” seem to be the only messages they hear when they watch television, go online, or hang out with their peers. A parent’s positive words, springing from the life-giving Word of God, can bring about hope and victory in a child struggling under all the negative. Come learn how to combat the fear and negativity in your child’s life and instill in them the knowledge of who they are in Christ.


Parents are key when it comes to building the conviction and character children will need to push out all the confusing messages and hold fast to the truth of God’s word. Learn how to express and demonstrate clear expectations and help your children build internal boundaries that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


Sometimes a lack of Dad’s involvement in his child’s life comes about not for lack of trying, but because of circumstances. Whether dad is extremely busy or is struggling with his own battles, he can make a lasting difference on his children. Fathers will gain insights on connecting with their children at different stages of their lives, while moms will learn how to support dad in his vital role.

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