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Because the next generation deserves to know the truth about relationships and living life with integrity.


What We Talk About


Sex. We’re going to talk about it.
If you were to ask your teens about their values regarding boy/girl relationships and sexuality, they’d probably give you a good answer. Many teens “know” values – but rarely see anyone live them. Using research on the brain, skits and real-life stories, we’re here to help your teens figure out how to “live well”, so they can experience great relationships and have a healthy respect for sexuality. Our team aims to empower teens with the knowledge they need to live their values – through relationships, entertainment choices, and their walk of faith.

Call & Destiny

You have a destiny. Find out how to pursue it.
Teens tend to sell themselves short in the life-purpose arena. We can attribute it to the instant-gratification lifestyle perpetuated by technology or our new-age philosophy on self, but the reality is teens need a different definition of success than the ones they are seeing on YouTube and social media. And while they don’t need a shallow lecture on the importance of self esteem, they DO need to know what God has called them to and what specific characteristics He has built into them to fulfill that calling. History and our present culture provide countless examples of servant leadership, personal growth, and mentoring, and we aim to show teens how to apply these principles in their own lives.

Virtual Reality

Who’s really in control?
Sexy device interfaces. Selfies. “Reward jersey girl” at the end of your gaming level XVII. Whether we realize it or not, “sex” is a part of nearly everything we do. It influences our entertainment, our shopping, our friendships, our crushes, our faith. So in a sexy world, how do you live pure? Especially when devices make it so easy to access whatever we want and look however we want to, how do we live with integrity – even virtually? Join the GOV team as we dive into what is true, what is sexy, and what is pure.

What we believe

(Note: we hold these beliefs loosely – they change every so often as the Lord shows us something new or reveals a deeper truth – but for the moment, this is what we believe in a nutshell.)

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About Purity

  • Purity is extremely important. It affects every area of your life.
  • Purity cannot be contained to what you do with your body. It is every bit about your heart and mind as it is about your body.
  • We aren’t born pure then progressively lose our purity – instead it is a process, a pursuit, of becoming like Christ, who is holy.
  • The pursuit of purity requires dependence on God first and foremost – and rules and guidelines secondarily.
  • A pure lifestyle is possible in our world today.
  • Purity is not a one-shot deal; it can be reclaimed and redeemed.

About God

  • God is awesome (literally). And brilliant. His ways are higher than our ways, and we seek to know Him and His ways better.
  • There are many, many young people who want to follow God with all their hearts. We meet them everyday.
  • God has called us to be holy – and He doesn’t tell us to do something without making a way for us to do it.
  • He is not shocked by our sin, failures, or weaknesses.
  • God wants redemption and reconciliation more than He wants condemnation.
  • We have yet to find the end to the blessings of doing things God’s way (including relationships).

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About Culture

  • The love of God is worth more than anything the world could offer.
  • Our culture is relentlessly lying to the younger generation, which is why they need to be shown the truth of the above point.
  • Not everything in culture is bad.
  • There is nothing inherently wrong with dating – done correctly and with the right motives, it can be awesome.
  • People need help to date well.
  • God created men to be men and women to be women. Sadly, these roles have become confused in our age.
  • Our generation has a lot of work to do if we’re going to transform culture.
What is purity all about anyways?

A little about us…

Generations of Virtue is a team of teen-30 something’s who feel passionately about the calling God has on each and every one of His children and want to expose the lies and roadblocks the enemy has set up to stop them. Having spoken to thousands around the globe, they have seen the effect popular culture has on the lives of Christians and how they can, in turn, use it to change the world. Through engaging and interactive sessions, they hope to reveal some of the tools of the enemy, how they’ve seen them at work in their own lives and society, and how to change that for the ultimate glory of God.


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