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As an internationally noted speaker, author and Christian leader, Julie Hiramine has encouraged and impacted parents and teens both in the US and abroad through her speaking and written materials. Julie’s experience as a parent of five children and her years in youth ministry make her a relate-able and seasoned speaker.

Julie has a passion to see culture transformed one family at a time. Her speaking style is encouraging and practical – and while Julie isn’t afraid to cover the difficult issues we are facing in our sexually broken culture, she puts her audience at ease with her transparency and easy-to-implement ideas. Whether Julie is speaking to parents or teens, her goal is to impart God’s spirit of purity, which is essential to pursuing a lifestyle of holiness.

Julie also speaks with her team, a group of (sometimes overly-zealous) young people in their 20s and 30s who are committed to transforming culture. A group with varied backgrounds and diverse experiences, the GOV team gives voice to a generation of committed believers who want to follow God’s narrow path in all areas of life.

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Setting a Paradigm for Purity

Target Audience: Parents of Preschool through Middle School Aged Children

“Um, what’s SEX?”. Chances are as a parent, you’ve either heard this from one of your children, or can expect it at any moment. In this session parents of preschool, elementary and middle school children will not only learn how to answer this question, but also how much information is appropriate for children at every stage of development. BONUS MATERIAL: Julie will also highlight areas in the world of technology you want to watch out for, and talk about how to keep the lines of communication open with your children (especially before the teen years).

Adolescence 101

arget Audience: Parents of 10 – 13 year olds

Dear parents: your children make more significant decisions about the convictions regarding sexuality between the ages of 10-13 than they do during any other age. You probably already knew this time period of emotional, spiritual, and physical maturing is an intensive time for your child – and whether it is apparent or not, your 10-13 year old is looking to you to help guide and build their convictions about things like relationships, peer influences, and sex. Learn how to walk out this intensive time with grace and open communication as you rely on God to mature your child into the man or woman He designed them to be.

Technology Overload

A Survival Guide for Parents

Target Audience: Parents of children of all ages

Statistics such as: “The average kid can access pornography 17 different ways without leaving home” are scary to us as parents. Often the rapid advancement of our children’s devices and technology leave us feeling outmaneuvered. We, the ministry team of Generations of Virtue, “get” technology, the devices your children are glued to, the apps they’re hooked on, and the entertainment being viewed on a screen. We’re here to help you better understand technology, and how to easily safeguard your children from dangers available with the click of a button. Join us.

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