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Session Themes

The Basics - 4 Keys to Family Foundations
Connecting as a family, research on what impacts your kids most, boundaries, communication with your kids and much more.

Age Appropriate Sex Ed
How to teach sex ed from a practical perspective at each age of development. These ages might seem a bit young to broach the subject of sex ed and future sexual integrity, but it is actually the perfect time. You can lay a foundation in your young kids to make a lasting impact on their relationships for the future. Ages 0-8 and/or 9-13

Developing Spiritual Character within your Family
How to develop a culture within your home that encourages spiritual and character development

Helping Parents Handle Boy/Girl Relationships with their Tweens/Teens
(2 sessions available: parents of tweens (9-13) and parents of teens (14-18). These 2 sessions have similar content, but are catered to the issues for that particular age group. )
This session will equip you with practical, down to earth help in navigating the volatile area of relationships in your teen's life. Topics include: dating, crushes, pornography, gender confidence, a parent's role and so much more.

Special Mother/Daughter session (Age specific 8-14):
The relationship between moms and daughters is so important. Use this special occasion to connect with your daughter on issues of true beauty, the emotional ups and downs, a vision for their future and so much more.

Technology Help for Parents:
Knowing how to correctly handle technology in your child, tween and teen's life seems overwhelming on most days. This session will take the guess work out of a lot of technology and help you have a plan. Topics include: devices, filtering, social media etc.

Church Service
In the couple of Kay and Julie Hiramine you have dynamic team that is able to inspire and challenge people of all ages and walks of life. Their specialties are marriage, family and a God given vision for impacting nations from right where you are. Invite Kay and Julie to speak to your church and you won't regret it!

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