Our 2013 Report

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The People We’ve Reached


Our humble team of 10 full-time volunteers reached a combined total of 13,141 people (give or take a few heads)  this past year. We had the privilege of ministering in churches, schools, conferences, youth groups, living rooms, gymnasiums, etc. (we’ll do anything, can you tell?). A miraculous combination of prayer, donations, coffee, and gumption launched the message of GOV into the following nations:

– United States

– Singapore

– Indonesia

– Cambodia

– Philippines

– China

– United Arab Emirates

Demographically, we’ve reached a wide variety of people this year – parents from every point on the financial spectrum, destitute college students, and teen guys and girls searching for truth. Whatever company we found ourselves in, we experienced sweet fellowship with fellow believers and pre-Christians alike. We’re so thankful for every person we met while ministering this year.

Resource Distribution


They may seem just like a bunch of sheets of paper bound together in a convenient package, but we’ve seen the books we carry equip and empower people in a very real way. At our book table, parents go from “I could never talk about this with my child” to “I could read that to them.” Inside their pages, these resources have the ability to help parents and their children connect over and talk about some of the most important issues of life. For teens and young adults, these resources often give them a sense of confidence, knowing they are part of a community of young believers who are also making healthy choices about relationships and sexuality. They are challenged to step up to a higher standard, leaving behind the worn path of culture and into a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with Christ. No matter where you are geographically located, it’s so important to know you are not alone in choosing to live a lifestyle of holiness. The stories we hear of one book making the rounds of college dorms, schools, and parent groups are ones that are very familiar to us!

Engage GOV


“Preventative.” “Practical.” “Personable.” And finally our favorite: “I can do this!” These are phrases parents and young people have used to describe the speaking ministry of GOV. While most parents walk in to one of Julie’s sessions on talking to your children about sex with eyes the size of saucers, they typically leave relaxed and confident in their ability to present a Godly view of sexuality to their children (with the Lord’s help, of course).

Because we all know there’s only so much effect a heavy-handed scare tactics message can have on young people, the GOV team’s approach to teen programs is a little more….subtle. And fun. And sincerely desiring to impart the beauty and thrill of life lived by God’s standards.


100% of the profit made from our resource sales go back into the ministry to support our work. Whether the funds go toward travel expenses, giving away resources, or the logistics involved in getting the message of purity to the people, we are committed to being good stewards of the money we make on book and jewelry sales. Despite our best efforts, the profits gained from our book table often do not cover the cost of travel, shipping fees, etc. it takes to get the team plus resources to an event. Do us a favor and give a shout out to our webstore – every sale helps!


We have heard so many wonderful testimonies from people who have heard Julie and/or the team speak and who have been blessed by implementing the principles they gained from those sessions. Trouble is, sometimes when someone is pouring their heart out to you, you don’t always have the foresight to record them! We know there are many stories out there of how the Lord has used GOV to bless families and individuals. If you have such a story, would you be willing to share it with us?  Sometimes the only feedback we get from an event is someone sending us an email testimony after the fact. We deeply appreciate these testimonies – it gives us the encouragement to keep going in such a tough climate!


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