United Arab Emirates 2014

Although we were only there for a brief 46 hours, the hospitality and encouragement we received in Dubai sent us back to Singapore rejuvenated and made us anticipate all the more returning to this diverse city next year. We were hosted by a family for a homemade Indian dinner and the prevailing question remained, “When are you coming back to stay longer?” With one Indian family, an Iranian couple, a Filipino family and our own American group, we personified the varied cultural influences present in the U.A.E. It was truly inspiring to pray with them all as the body of Christ to ask God to set free especially the persecuted groups in surrounding countries to worship as God called them to. The church is exploding with growth even in a country where worship is limited and there are strict rules on religion and its open practice. But the fact that nations are literally coming to Dubai and its surrounding areas makes for fertile soil for the Gospel and its corresponding message of holiness to flourish. We are so proud of our friends there who are reaching out to the world that is present in their city, and we cannot wait to see how God uses their willingness and steadfastness even under persecution for the furthering of His purposes! See you next year, U.A.E.!

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