Singapore 2014

Miracles. Our time in Asia was filled with Miracles. Miracles can appear in any shape or form but in Asia they came a lot. Once a miracle appeared in the shape of a house. A beautiful house in Singapore with a pool and a kitchen and a room for the boys.  Another time we were there a miracle came in the form of rain. Big raindrops splattering down and trickling down the windows in tiny rivers. Singapore hadn’t had rain in months and the miracle for the country was rain. Several times while we were there miracles came in the shape of food. Rice and chicken, or chicken rice, soup, prata – it was all good food too! It was all brought by friends. I think that the best miracle of all is our friends in Singapore. So many friends brought us such great blessings and miracles. Many days we would come home from a tiring and busy speaking and bookselling event to a friend and a luncheon or dinner. Even on our last night in Singapore several good friends showed up and saw us off. They brought the miracle of food to revive us as we packed up 11 people and left the country. Even when we were so tired God sent Miracles and good Friends. Whether in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Dubai, Thailand, or anywhere else, God was always with us giving us eyes to see what we needed to see and giving us miracles that we couldn’t believe.



I had never travelled with GOV before going to Singapore, so there was a lot of “learning on the fly” for me. But the one thing that I saw throughout the trip was God working in amazing ways through us – often when we felt we hadn’t done our best. One example was when we were ministering to a group of teens and ran into technical difficulties with almost all our equipment. To the point that we actually couldn’t present the material we had planned, and had to change everything up on the spot. To me it felt as if it was going to be a disaster. But when I started looking at the kids and teens in the crowd it was evident that they were totally locked in on what we were saying. It was so cool to see God working through us despite everything we had planned going “wrong”.



The overwhelming response to our book table in Singapore caught our team by surprise. Even at secular parenting events, our resources (the majority of them written from a Christian perspective) were a huge hit! When we told people about the Christian content, they were so desperate for something to help them train their children, they still wanted the books. It was very touching to see so many parents honestly concerned about their children growing up in a culture that seems to honor perversity. Parents are desperate to teach their children about sexual integrity because they know this an area of life that can potentially lead to a lot of pain or a lot of joy. It’s a serious issue, and parents can see all the junk being targeted at our kids – whether they call it sexual sin or by another name – they see it and want to do something to equip their children to avoid it.

We ran out of resources about a month and a half into our 3.5 month trip and had a whole slew of events coming up in various countries. Through a series of unbelievable circumstances (IE: miracles) a friend of a friend of a friend was able to hop on a plane from the States and bring more books over for us! Imagine our surprise when just 72 short hours after getting the logistics settled we met a new friend at the airport, took him to a Singaporean meal, and collected our books. We had enough from this miracle to last us another few weeks, but then had to get creative again to bring more books over. It was crazy! Between all the nations we traveled to, we distributed over 2,000 lbs of books (1.1735 tons in fact!) overseas!

The reason we work so hard to bring books with us is because they really help parents continue training their children at home. Sometimes a book with the right message can do more good in a family than a handful of seminars can do. A book can give a parent an avenue to address issues with their children they previously thought impossible to face. We are thankful for all the families who received books and are using them with their children – we know God is going to keep working in their lives.


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