Australia 2014

At a Sunday morning service in Bendigo, Australia, Julie was sharing the message that families could pursue a lifestyle of holiness together. In fact, the Lord designed families to be the support system and accountability structure we need to be able to walk out a lifestyle that is pure.

At the end of her message, Julie and Kay started praying for the congregation, praying specifically for people who are struggling with pornography and sexual addictions. Kay and Julie invited people to come up to the altar if they wanted to be released from the bondage of pornography. So many people started streaming up to the altar.

As I was standing in the back of the sanctuary, I saw a vision of Jesus standing at the altar and encouraging people to come forward. Then I saw ushers standing in the aisles of the sanctuary handing the people coming forward white robes. I understood the Lord was offering these robes to the people to cover their shame, so that they could approach the altar for healing.

As I stood there – overcome by the goodness and mercy of God – I realized this is so precisely what the Lord does for us. He not only offers us healing for our transgressions, but He provides every single thing necessary for us to receive that healing. He covers our shame so that we can approach the altar – unashamed. It reminds me of the verse in Hebrews:

“Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it].” Hebrews 4:16 Amplified

The Lord can help us overcome every addiction, every area of perversion – whether it is sexual or something else – He can do it. It is a tactic of the enemy to prevent us from seeking God for help because the enemy knows when we ask we will receive and when we seek God we will find Him. And the Lord will forgive us our iniquity and heal our transgressions. He can do whatever He wants – and it is His desire to help us walk out of anything that turns our hearts from Him.



I admit, I was singing “I come from a land down under” when I landed in Australia. I was exited to explore this adventurous place, but what I found was a mix of nearly every people group with the same language and awesome “Aussie” way of talking. The funny part was most of them loved the way we talked as Americans! Speaking at churches, they were very different as the cultures came together, but one youth service impacted me the most. Working in the area where suicide among teens is highest in Australia, I found a group of youth wanting to find a place, be a part of a group and have purpose. This youth group was meeting in the midst of pain and finding God’s love. Their meeting was a light shining in the city. All of our time in Australia was full of ministry and life changing opportunities for many, including us as a team and individually. It wasn’t the kangaroos or landscapes that made me love this country, but the youth and parents that looked at us and said “thank you” as they walked away now equipped for many life issues they didn’t know how to approach before.

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