2014 International Report


As I am sure you have been aware, we have recently returned from an incredible ministry trip in South Africa. We’d like to share the full story with you here, but below are some quick highlights from our trip:

  • We ministered to our youngest audiences yet, down to 6 years old!
  • We successfully drove on the opposite side of the road for 6 weeks and are alive to tell of it.
  • Our busiest day of ministry saw us at 8 different events, it was awesome.
  • The two youngest members of our team were ages 7 and 11. They did an amazing job.
  • None of us contracted ebola (just a joke – we weren’t anywhere near the ebola-affected areas of Africa).

It was a good trip…

The GOV team recently returned home after an amazing 3 and a 1/2 month ministry trip. Our travels took us to nations in southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia. We added a month on to what was supposed to be a 2 and a 1/2 month trip, after the overwhelmingly positive reception and requests for additional events – especially in Singapore. Our team was humbled as churches and small groups lined up to ask us to stay and minister to their groups through the month of May. In fact, we ran out of books about a month and a half into the trip and had to send more shipments over from the States, twice! All along the way, we were met with many gracious people who so valued what they saw GOV doing that we paid for very few meals and constantly had help with the tasks that sometimes make events hard – like transporting boxes of books, finding transportation for our team, lodging, etc. We literally felt like we were living out the instruction of Jesus to His disciples from Mark 6:7-10 being sent out to minister with nothing but their staffs. Except in our case, we brought books instead!

God did so many miracles during our trip, it is hard to remember them all! Just a few examples: using our team to touch the hearts of parents, young people, educators and leaders with the hope that you can live a life of holiness in this culture without having to move to a deserted island. We were humbled by the response and testimony people gave about our ministry. Whether the group was small or large, we could feel God’s Spirit ministering – He did a great work of breaking down and building up. At several events, we saw the Lord breaking the power of shame so people could come forward and receive healing from the Holy Spirit and the ability to walk out of things like pornography addictions and sexual sins of various kinds. We also saw Him build up families through Julie’s practical messages on raising your children to make healthy choices – specifically in the area of sexuality. We watched Him work with teens and young people who were encouraged by our team that a pure lifestyle is attainable in our day and age. God used us to reach out to people of various faith backgrounds – a huge privilege for us as we seek to bring God’s message of freedom and sexual integrity to every tribe, nation, and individual. It is our conviction that the blessings of a pure lifestyle are for everyone – and it’s never too late to receive them!

To read more stories of our time overseas, please select a country report below.


Country Reports

SingaporeMiracles. Our time in Asia was filled with Miracles. Miracles can appear in any shape or form but in Asia they came a lot. Once a miracle appeared in the shape of a house. A beautiful house in Singapore with a pool and a kitchen and a room for the boys.  Another time we were there a miracle came in the form of rain. Big raindrops splattering down and trickling down the windows in tiny rivers. Singapore hadn’t had rain in months and the miracle for the country was rain. Continue reading


MalaysiaAs always it is a pleasure to travel to Malaysia, one of the first countries I visited in my international travels. This year we had the privilege of ministering at ACTS Church in Kuala Lumpur. I love this church for many reasons, one of them being that it has many young families and a very vibrant culture.  Continue reading


IndonesiaFour team members took a short trip down to Jakarta to minister to an international church there. In years past, our team has spent a significant time in Indonesia, but this year our schedule only allowed us a couple days in Jakarta. Shortly before leaving Singapore for Jakarta, the leaders at IES Jakarta informed us our seminar was shaping up to have the most registrants for a seminar they have had in a long time. Continue reading




2014 marked GOV’s first trip to the lovely country of Myanmar. Four team members and a missionary friend of ours from Thailand traveled to Yangon, the country’s largest city, to minister to a group of about 40 youth leaders. Although the training was held in the city, some of the attendees had traveled as many as 10 hours by cramped, noisy buses from surrounding villages to attend our training! As our team was preparing for this training and praying about what we should share, we felt the need to inspire them to pursue a lifestyle of holiness themselves so they might be able to disciple the youth they lead in this area.  Continue reading





At a Sunday morning service in Bendigo, Australia, Julie was sharing the message that families could pursue a lifestyle of holiness together. In fact, the Lord designed families to be the support system and accountability structure we need to be able to walk out a lifestyle that is pure. At the end of her message, Julie and Kay started praying for the congregation, praying specifically for people who are struggling with pornography and sexual addictions. Kay and Julie invited people to come up to the altar if they wanted to be released from the bondage of pornography. So many people started streaming up to the altar. Continue reading




By meeting strategically with leaders, business people and pastors, through a large, incredibly efficient and influential church there we were able to accomplish in days what could have taken years. In a country where 1 million homes are led by children due to a generation of parents lost to HIV and AIDS, GOV’s message is seen as not only radical, but radically needed. Continue reading






Although we were only there for a brief 46 hours, the hospitality and encouragement we received in Dubai sent us back to Singapore rejuvenated and made us anticipate all the more returning to this diverse city next year. We were hosted by a family for a homemade Indian dinner and the prevailing question remained, “When are you coming back to stay longer?” With one Indian family, an Iranian couple, a Filipino family and our own American group, we personified the varied cultural influences present in the U.A.E. Continue reading


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