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5 Ideas for Fathers

Fathers sometimes get a bad rap. It feels like there are more negative statistics surrounding fathers and their influence (or more accurately – lack thereof), yet again and again the research proves that parents are the number one influence in their child’s life. So use your influence for good, Dad! Simple acts of reaching out to your children can make a significant difference in their lives. One area I see a disconnect between parents and kids is in the realm of technology. Parents feel like they can’t or don’t want to understand it, and kids feel like it is free game. In February, I was ministering in Australia, and one gentleman shared an excellent concept with the group during my team’s Tech Talk. He said in his house, tech world is open world. Meaning, his children (who were a little older – I don’t suggest this approach if you have

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Christmas Tech Buying Guide

If Christmas weren’t daunting enough, the overwhelming amount of tech ads can be enough for any parent to throw in the shopping towel. Given the massive amounts of technology available for our children, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. Our goal is to take out some of the mystery of available technology, especially the ones most promoted for gifts during the next few weeks. While you’ll see a lot of sales on these items, it’s important to be informed about what exactly you’re buying for your kids. Read on. Tablets Cheaper, lighter weight and generally trendier (think fun cases and multi-colored plug-in keypad options) than laptops or traditional desktops, tablets (Android, iPad, Kindle Fire, etc) are often considered great Christmas gifts. It’s important for you to realize that a tablet is capable of doing anything a computer does, only because of it’s handy size, the

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Internet 101

It can’t be escaped. It’s in almost every coffee shop, corner shop and barber shop these days. Not to mention the fact that over 84% of americans have it wirelessly available in their home. Internet. However, like any tool, it can be used for good! Keep scrolling for a list of all the programs we have tested and recommend at GOV. As always, feel free to jump in on the conversation and let us know what solutions you’ve found in your family for monitoring or filtering your internet consumption. Programs We Recommend Below you’ll find our top software and filtering program picks for the internet. Click on the pictures below to find out more information. Plus, when you follow the links to purchase these services from this page, you are helping to support our ministry! A small percentage of the proceeds from these sales goes to support our non-profit, volunteer

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Quick Tips on Tech

#1 – Unplug the internet whenever you leave the house or go to bed #2 – Install monitoring software for your older kids, and filtering software for your younger kids (1/3 of all websites are pornographic) #3 – Turn in all electronics before bed (make a list of every device that has internet access capabilities) #4 – Keep the screen in a main room #5 – Use a dock for music #6 – Watch/play it before you let your kids #7 – Set time limits #8 – Have a “parent standing by” rule whenever your kids need to search on the web (younger kids should use a child-safe search engine like Kids Yahoo Search) #9 – Contact your cell service provider and discuss parental controls #10 – Read up on iPod parental controls (Good tips here) #11 – Set pass-codes on your tech gear (iPad, iPod touch, computer, etc) #12 –

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