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5 Ideas for Fathers

Fathers sometimes get a bad rap. It feels like there are more negative statistics surrounding fathers and their influence (or more accurately – lack thereof), yet again and again the research proves that parents are the number one influence in their child’s life. So use your influence for good, Dad! Simple acts of reaching out to your children can make a significant difference in their lives. One area I see a disconnect between parents and kids is in the realm of technology. Parents feel like they can’t or don’t want to understand it, and kids feel like it is free game. In February, I was ministering in Australia, and one gentleman shared an excellent concept with the group during my team’s Tech Talk. He said in his house, tech world is open world. Meaning, his children (who were a little older – I don’t suggest this approach if you have

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The Mobile Device Guide

Devices Welcome to the next generation! We are no longer surrounded by little machines that simply maintain the distance connection from kids to mom and dad. Today is the age of the small and surprisingly powerful smartphones. If you have decided to only allow “dumb phones” in your home, there are some basic cell phone concepts and considerations you can implement. If your family has a collection of phones that do everything except the dishes – read on! Cell Phones (the simple ones) What you and your children need to know about cell phones: Our culture has a strong love/hate relationship with cell phones. Although we love being connected all the time, with the world at our fingertips- we also hate the constant attachment, lack of time being “unplugged” and the negative connotations that have bombarded young people through this relatively small, seemingly harmless device. If your child has a

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A Parent’s Guide to Video Games

Video Game Hints for Parents: As our culture marches forward into the technology age, video games are becoming an increasingly volatile influence among young people. We as parents need to be asking the same questions and use the same caution about video games as we do movies and television programs: What is the motive of the person who made this game? What is he/she trying to portray in this game? Is this game going to be a good influence on my children, or is it going to teach them something that is harmful? Is playing this game a good use of my child’s time? Keep in mind that video games are everywhere! If your children have access to the internet, they have access to video games. It may seem like a daunting task to try to be the gatekeeper between all things video games and your children, but with God’s

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