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Missing something?

Ready to go back to school? As the school year quickly approaches, I find myself going over endless mental checklists. Do I have the right math workbook for the 6 year old? Does my 6 year old remember the math facts we learned last year? What about my middle school child? Will they be able to stand against the pressures of their peer group? What about gym shoes? Does everyone have clothes that fit? The list goes on and on, yet in the midst of all the planning and schedule, there are a handful of key things I feel sometimes get overlooked when we start to plan our school years. It’s not just about academics – We go through so much turmoil trying to figure out the proper academic course for our kids. But fast forward twenty years from now, and let’s say your son is married, has 2 children,

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I’m overwhelmed. Where do I start?

First of all, don’t be! Feelings of inadequacy, stress, and feeling overwhelmed only make matters worse. God has given you everything you need, and equipped you to disciple your kids. Does this humble you? It should! As Julie Hiramine says in her book Guardians of Purity, her kids are what brings her to her knees. It’s in that place of seeking God for wisdom that He can truly move in your family and in your parenting. Teaching your children purity of heart, mind and body can seem daunting. At Generations of Virtue, our team has dedicated years of time and effort into making this as easy for you as possible. So let us be the first to say “YOU CAN DO IT!”. And we’re here to help. Simple steps to get you started: Read Guardians of Purity by Julie Hiramine. She practically shows you how to safe-guard your kids from

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How to tell your 8 year-old about sex

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The Mobile Device Guide

Devices Welcome to the next generation! We are no longer surrounded by little machines that simply maintain the distance connection from kids to mom and dad. Today is the age of the small and surprisingly powerful smartphones. If you have decided to only allow “dumb phones” in your home, there are some basic cell phone concepts and considerations you can implement. If your family has a collection of phones that do everything except the dishes – read on! Cell Phones (the simple ones) What you and your children need to know about cell phones: Our culture has a strong love/hate relationship with cell phones. Although we love being connected all the time, with the world at our fingertips- we also hate the constant attachment, lack of time being “unplugged” and the negative connotations that have bombarded young people through this relatively small, seemingly harmless device. If your child has a

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