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Stranger Danger

I’ll never forget our conversation. We were snugly sipping hot tea at my kitchen table. Night was falling as blizzard snow fell from thick Cumulus clouds. While our children played nearby, we swapped stories from our journey of motherhood, laughing at how precocious our kids were even as toddlers. The conversation turned serious – my friend’s eyes grew sad, and I knew something was wrong.  “with Kelley growing and being 8 and all, I sat down with her last week to share with her about her body changing” she began. My friend shifted in her seat and continued, her gaze far off. “She closed up. Freaked out. She was scared. Scared. Why would my daughter be afraid of this topic?”. My wise friend went on to tell me she had gone to her daughter’s room and grabbed a Barbie doll. “Holding her doll up, I asked her to point to

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He was the last one she suspected

He was the last person she ever suspected, but the evidence against her new husband was undeniable. The young mother of two little girls sobbed uncontrollably as her story unraveled. The man she thought was a loving husband and stepfather was now in jail – accused of repeatedly molesting one of her daughters. As a police officer and major crimes detective, I investigated numerous murders, suicides, accidental deaths, and brutal assaults. In my opinion, the physical, emotional, and sexual victimization of children is among the most despicable crimes. The apostle Paul, in his letter to the Romans, describes the natural progression of a culture bent on satisfying fleshly desires – a culture much like ours today. Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God he gave them over to a depraved mind to do what ought not to be done. They have become filled

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Family Connectedness: 5 Minute Devos

5-minute devos for the busy family Part 1 of our series on connecting as a family You wake up at 6:30AM, sleepily make your way to the coffee pot, and proceed with making your little ones breakfast before they head off to school, or if you homeschool, before you start school! The rest of your day consists of errands, cooking, cleaning, laundry, being chauffeur, homework, music practice, putting out fires and paying the bills. Our days are filled with activities and commitments that can seem endless. So how in all this activity do we incorporate family devotions? It’s one of the most important ways we can connect as a family, and get our priorities in order. It’s a time we can disciple our kids and learn and grow together. Where to start? Here are a few practical ideas on how you can begin the habit of daily family devos: Depending

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