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Won’t they come to me to learn about sex?

Won’t my child come to me when he’s ready to know about sex? Not always. If you expect your child to do the initiating on the birds and bees topic, he’ll most likely come after he’s already heard or read something (if he comes at all). The “first person who talks to your kids about sex, is like them leaving their footprints in wet cement”1. Do you want to risk your child hearing about sex from the media, their friends, or google? The likelihood of the information they hear being from a Biblical perspective is very slim. The only way you can be sure that they hear about sex in its proper, beautiful context, is by telling them yourself. Related topics: How to tell your 8 year-old (or younger) about sex     Consider using this from Guardians of Purity: 83 Guardians of Purity, Julie Hiramine. Charisma House Publishers, 2011.

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Quick Tips on Tech

#1 – Unplug the internet whenever you leave the house or go to bed #2 – Install monitoring software for your older kids, and filtering software for your younger kids (1/3 of all websites are pornographic) #3 – Turn in all electronics before bed (make a list of every device that has internet access capabilities) #4 – Keep the screen in a main room #5 – Use a dock for music #6 – Watch/play it before you let your kids #7 – Set time limits #8 – Have a “parent standing by” rule whenever your kids need to search on the web (younger kids should use a child-safe search engine like Kids Yahoo Search) #9 – Contact your cell service provider and discuss parental controls #10 – Read up on iPod parental controls (Good tips here) #11 – Set pass-codes on your tech gear (iPad, iPod touch, computer, etc) #12 –

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Highlights of My Internship – Amanda (Part 1)

When I first got there I didn’t really have a clue what I was getting myself into. I thought about a lot of things that could have happened on the internship. I thought of places I could have gone, things I could have learned, and even food I could have eaten. But what I got instead was something so much better! I went to places I didn’t even think of that was so much better then what I was thinking. I learned SO much more than I thought. Things that I wished God wouldn’t have shown me or tried to change in me. But once I “gave in” and was open to whatever God wanted to change in me… That is when things really started getting interesting. At first I thought the internship was just going around with the GOV team to conferences and helping them out at conferences as

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