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Making Movies Safe

Oh what to do? There’s that new movie out your kids are dying to see, and honestly you’ve been wanting a night to just relax with the family to a decent movie. However, you know that the movie has two “scenes” that you’d rather not expose your kids to. Of course the rest of the movie is just fine, but how can you be sure you’ll get to the remote in time? Never fear, clearplay is here! This nifty DVD player is the best thing we have found for filtering unwanted content out of movies. Clearplay allows you to choose what kind of content you want to leave out of the movie: violence, profanity, sexual content, etc. It’s great for those movies where you just need to skip a few things. To purchase Clearplay, and support Generations of Virtue, please click on the logo below. Clearplay gives a percentage of

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How to know if a movie is OK for your kids

“But MOM, Jenna’s allowed to watch it!” How many times have we as parents heard that one? More times than we care to count. Helping our kids understand our reasoning behind limiting their movie choices is not out of unhealthy control, but out of love. A desire to shield them from inappropriate sexual content, crude humor and terrible morals are only a few of the reasons we pay attention to what they watch. For more information on the effects of media content on our kids and what you can do about it, we suggest Guardians of Purity. Here are a few broad guidelines by Julie Hiramine (based on her talk: “Through the Eyes of a Child”). Julie did large amounts of research on children’s brain development, and the way they interpret movies. These guidelines are based on her findings. For Ages 2-7, look for movies that have: Straightforward plots Inspirational stories with

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A Parent’s Guide to Video Games

Video Game Hints for Parents: As our culture marches forward into the technology age, video games are becoming an increasingly volatile influence among young people. We as parents need to be asking the same questions and use the same caution about video games as we do movies and television programs: What is the motive of the person who made this game? What is he/she trying to portray in this game? Is this game going to be a good influence on my children, or is it going to teach them something that is harmful? Is playing this game a good use of my child’s time? Keep in mind that video games are everywhere! If your children have access to the internet, they have access to video games. It may seem like a daunting task to try to be the gatekeeper between all things video games and your children, but with God’s

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