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Won’t they come to me to learn about sex?

Won’t my child come to me when he’s ready to know about sex? Not always. If you expect your child to do the initiating on the birds and bees topic, he’ll most likely come after he’s already heard or read something (if he comes at all). The “first person who talks to your kids about sex, is like them leaving their footprints in wet cement”1. Do you want to risk your child hearing about sex from the media, their friends, or google? The likelihood of the information they hear being from a Biblical perspective is very slim. The only way you can be sure that they hear about sex in its proper, beautiful context, is by telling them yourself. Related topics: How to tell your 8 year-old (or younger) about sex     Consider using this from Guardians of Purity: 83 Guardians of Purity, Julie Hiramine. Charisma House Publishers, 2011.

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How to know if a movie is OK for your kids

“But MOM, Jenna’s allowed to watch it!” How many times have we as parents heard that one? More times than we care to count. Helping our kids understand our reasoning behind limiting their movie choices is not out of unhealthy control, but out of love. A desire to shield them from inappropriate sexual content, crude humor and terrible morals are only a few of the reasons we pay attention to what they watch. For more information on the effects of media content on our kids and what you can do about it, we suggest Guardians of Purity. Here are a few broad guidelines by Julie Hiramine (based on her talk: “Through the Eyes of a Child”). Julie did large amounts of research on children’s brain development, and the way they interpret movies. These guidelines are based on her findings. For Ages 2-7, look for movies that have: Straightforward plots Inspirational stories with

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Secrets to “age-appropriate” information about sex

Your guide to avoiding TMI Often when we’re told it’s necessary – nay, imperative – to talk to our children about sex, our minds conjure up scary images: our doe-eyed 7 year old running screaming from the room after we’ve just shattered her fairy tale notions of love. These images represent our biggest fears when it comes to broaching the subject (and what a weighty one it is!) of sex with our children. And you know what? Healthy fear in this area is a good thing. It’s ok to treat sex with the mystery and respect God designed it to have. It’s kind of like having a healthy fear of the ocean. But when our fear of talking to our children cripples us and produces thoughts like: “I could never talk to them about this. I mean, I totally messed up in this area.” Or “I really want to pass

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