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What is a Family Blessing?

The Bible is full of examples of God blessing people, fathers blessing children, and kings and apostles blessing the congregations they served. Sadly, blessing is a practice we have lost in our culture, and our kids are feeling this loss acutely. They may not realize it, but they suffer from lack of acceptance, identity, and purpose. One of the best things you can do for your kids is regularly speak words of blessing and affirmation over them. The best part is – it’s not hard and it doesn’t take very long! It can be as simple as laying your hands on your children, thanking God for sending them into your family, speaking intentional words of blessing over them (the Bible has some awesome blessings already written), and asking for God’s favor to be upon them. For a more intricate look at blessing and specifically how to bless, (whether you have

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What is a Rite of Passage?

A rite of passage is a formal invitation for a child to enter into adulthood. It is a specific time where the adults in a child’s life say “We recognize you as an adult now. You are now responsible for the choices in your life and we are here to help you behave like an adult!” In other words, it is a blessing you speak over the future of your growing child. Because of our lack of a formal rite of passage in our modern culture, young people are looking to other things to affirm their adulthood. And more often than not, the places they are looking are not good, and the rites they engage in drive them away from God and further from their purpose and destiny in Him. This is where you as a parent can have a tremendously positive effect on the future of your child. When

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What is “homosexual”? (Younger children)

How do I explain homosexuality to my kids? If your kids are 10 or younger For some parents, this topic can be even harder to address than sex. It’s important that you pray for wisdom before entering into this conversation, because sometimes our own fears or apprehension get passed onto our kids. As this conversation will look differently for each child, and as it will need to happen at all different ages, we’ll look at this in two sections. Disclaimer: This discussion is by no means complete. Nor are we attempting to make sweeping statements, or pigeon-hole anyone. What we’ve written is based on years of research, talking to literally thousands of parents annually, and personal experience. We encourage you to pray over this issue and seek wisdom from God about how to have this conversation with your kids. Kids 10 and under: Even before you have this conversation, make

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Secrets to “age-appropriate” information about sex

Your guide to avoiding TMI Often when we’re told it’s necessary – nay, imperative – to talk to our children about sex, our minds conjure up scary images: our doe-eyed 7 year old running screaming from the room after we’ve just shattered her fairy tale notions of love. These images represent our biggest fears when it comes to broaching the subject (and what a weighty one it is!) of sex with our children. And you know what? Healthy fear in this area is a good thing. It’s ok to treat sex with the mystery and respect God designed it to have. It’s kind of like having a healthy fear of the ocean. But when our fear of talking to our children cripples us and produces thoughts like: “I could never talk to them about this. I mean, I totally messed up in this area.” Or “I really want to pass

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