Quick Tips on Tech

quick-tips-check#1 – Unplug the internet whenever you leave the house or go to bed
#2 – Install monitoring software for your older kids, and filtering software for your younger kids (1/3 of all websites are pornographic)
#3 – Turn in all electronics before bed (make a list of every device that has internet access capabilities)
#4 – Keep the screen in a main room
#5 – Use a dock for music
#6 – Watch/play it before you let your kids
#7 – Set time limits
#8 – Have a “parent standing by” rule whenever your kids need to search on the web (younger kids should use a child-safe search engine like Kids Yahoo Search)
#9 – Contact your cell service provider and discuss parental controls
#10 – Read up on iPod parental controls (Good tips here)
#11 – Set pass-codes on your tech gear (iPad, iPod touch, computer, etc)
#12 – Look at your phone bill and check who your kids are talking to
#13 – Have a family iTunes account so you know what your kids are listening to
#14 – Make sure you have all of your kids’ passwords (social networking, email, etc) and check what’s going on in their accounts.
#15 – Establish the rules before you have a problem.

Check around the rest of the site for more detailed information on how to utilize (and equip your kids to use) technology to further God’s Kingdom!

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The GOV Team

The GOV Team

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