Raising a Pure Generation

A Video Curriculum for Parents

8 DVD sessions for parents, parents, and youth leaders.

Perfect for: Parent’s classes, cell groups, small groups, parent-teacher associations, mom’s groups, etc.

Curriculum includes: DVDs, Leader’s Guide, Parent’s Guide

Ideal for parents and leaders of toddlers to teens, Raising a Pure Generation is an 8-session DVD curriculum equipping parents to impart a message of purity to their children on a daily basis.

Parents face a myriad of obstacles when they try to communicate God’s standards on sex, media, and major life choices. It is in the everyday, here-a-little, there-a-little messages (in addition to the major conversations) we give our kids that will form their life convictions. The bad news is we have an actively engaged culture trying to tell our kids anything but God’s truth. Cultural influence is so prevalent these days it’s literally in the palm of their hands. What’s a parent to do in the face of such opposition?

Enter RAPG – a practical guide to all things purity for parents. Learn how to make the impressions, have the necessary conversations, and live out by example a pure lifestyle to your kids. The enemy would have you believe your influence is over your kids – but the truth is your kids are looking to you, Mom and Dad, to set them on the path that is going to lead them to God’s best.

Topics include:

  • Family Connectedness
  • Parents: Guardians of Purity
  • Building a Pure Foundation
  • Developing Purity Muscles
  • Media Discernment
  • The Birds and the Bees
  • Don’t Awaken Love
  • Sacred Love

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