Guardians of Purity

New Book by Julie Hiramine

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A parent’s guide to winning the war against media, peer pressure, and eroding sexual values.

This world we live in is reaching into the hearts and minds of our children, shaping and molding them into a replica of its values, trends, and worldviews.Guardians of Purity gives you practical advice to help you stand against these destructive cultural influences, showing you how to:

• Become an effective gatekeeper of your home
• Have age-appropriate conversations about sex starting when they head out the door to school
• Help teens walk out a lifestyle of purity and integrity

What people are saying:

Julie Hiramine and her team at Generations of Virtue have been helping moms and dads instill character in their children for years now. Guardians of Purity combines common sense and biblical wisdom to help parents guide their kids through the choppy waters of our sex-saturated culture.

Jim Daly
President, Focus on the Family


Bravo, Julie! This book is a much-needed tool that concerned and diligent parents everywhere will greatly appreciate! For nearly two decades I have spoken to young people about purity. In that time I have met countless parents who are craving the wisdom and encouragement that this book provides about that very subject. Blessings to you in your ministry, Julie–keep up the great work!

Rebecca St. James
Singer, author, actress


Julie Hiramine is one of my favorite voices in the Purity Revolution that’s rising up around the world, and her commitment to that cause is straight and true. I’ve ministered to many people at her side, from the mountains of Vail to the islands of Indonesia. She walks the talk, and takes on that parental role as the guardian of purity in her home seriously. On that basis alone she’s earned the right to be heard, so listen up and listen well. The enemy wants your kids, but you can keep them safe.

Fred Stoeker
Coauthor of Every Man’s Battle, Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle, and Hero


Julie Hiramine recognizes the overwhelming need for parents to be deeply involved in the lives of their children, especially starting at a young age. With so many things in society targeting their moral values, this is are source you can’t afford to miss.

Ron and Lynette Lewis
Pastors, Authors, Founders of


Well finally someone has put it all together. Julie Hiramine not only identifies the issues that parents and teens are confronting, but she also gives practical guidance on how to deal with the myriad challenges associated with raising children or with just being a teenager today. This book is the best on the market for parents who need some workable solutions to raising and mentoring children and guiding them to a life of purity and obedience to God. Thanks, Julie. This is a real blessing.

Ret. LG William G. Boykin
Founder of Kingdom Warriors Ministries, Author of Never Surrender and Danger Close


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