Culture Shock




Culture Shock is no ordinary teen curriculum. This is an action packed, interactive, five-session event, designed to help this generation:

  • See and understand the lies that the enemy has told them about who they are and why they are here; mainly through the medium of main stream mediaDSC_0057.JPG
  • Develop a game plan for making wise decisions when it comes to the temptations with modern day technology
  • Learn how to put an end to the constant popularity contest that surrounds this generation each and every day
  • Understand the value and purpose of purity of heart, mind and body, and how to walk that out intentional, practical purity in our world today
  • Get a radically new and different approach to their God-given destinies and the purpose of their life on this earth



Filled with tips for leaders, ways to connect with parents, and easy ways to customize for your group, Culture Shock is designed to bring your youth ministry to a higher level of purity and integrity.

If you are interested in GOV bringing the Culture Shock Teen Event to your ministry, please let us know! We are currently on the move, bringing the message of Culture Shock worldwide, and would love to make your event our next stop!

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