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As you may know, Generations of Virtue is a nonprofit ministry, staffed entirely by volunteers. The purpose of our ministry is to equip parents to help their children fulfill their God-given destinies. We believe very strongly that this upcoming generation has a call to usher in God’s standard into every area of society; they are called to turn the tide of our culture back to God’s purpose and design. Our vision is to equip a generation who will be pure in heart, mind, and body as they show others how to honor God with their love lives, careers, friendships, and purpose. This is no simple calling, and it will require no simple training for these young people. They need help and support.

Since 2003, GOV has traveled to hundreds of conferences in the US and abroad, and our purpose has been singular: to speak to parents and equip them with the resources and tools they need to impart this vision on to their children. We believe that parents are key in helping their children answer this awesome call God has on their lives. When it comes to staying pure in an immoral culture, learning how to hear from God and follow His Spirit, parents are a child’s greatest ally.

Conference after conference, we have had many of you tell us that you support our mission and that you want to be involved. This is where the GOV Advocate Program comes in, and this is where you can help us. We would love to have a broader reach into the states we visit, and, in the future, into states we currently don’t travel to. The point is, there is a lot of work to do and we can’t do it on our own! If this request has stirred your heart strings and you would like to pursue helping out, please let us know by filling out the interest form below. Upon receiving your information, we will continue with the selection process by sending you a questionnaire and more information about the program.



A soldier in an army of volunteers
D esires to help any way they can
V olunteer who is dedicated to the cause
O utreach oriented and willing to work with all the members of the Body of Christ
C ommitted to raising this upcoming generation to answer God’s call on their lives
A rmed with the Word of God
T eam player. An advocate is not in this for their own glory, because it all goes to God!
E xposing the lies our culture tells us about God, His purpose for love and romance, and His intentions toward us.


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