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2014 Tech Buying Guide

If Christmas weren’t daunting enough, the overwhelming amount of tech ads (especially on Black Friday) can be enough for any parent to throw in the shopping towel. Given the massive amounts of technology available for our children, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. Our goal is to take out some of the mystery of available technology, especially the ones most promoted for gifts during the next few weeks. While you’ll see a lot of sales on these items, it’s important to be informed about what exactly you’re buying for your kids. Read on. Tablets Cheaper, lighter weight and generally trendier (think fun cases and multi-colored keypad options) than laptops or traditional desktops, tablets like the ones listed above are often considered great gifts for children and teens. It’s important for you to realize that a tablet is capable of doing anything a computer does, and because

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6 Reasons a “Social Media Contract” Will Make Your Life Easier

Most adults know breaking a contract is a messy business. Recently I made the switch from AT&T to T-Mobile, but as I was still under contract with AT&T, was forced to pay a hefty fine for leaving my contract a year early (hey, T-Mobile has killer international data plans. Spread the word). Recently my husband and I moved into a home where the previous tenants had broken their contract by having multiple pets. In the end, to avoid a lawsuit, they had to pay for re-carpeting the entire house. Contracts are binding, and when broken, always have consequences, often expensive. When it comes to social media, you need a contract with your teens. Why do I only say “teens”? Because many of the most popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) require users to be at least 13 years of age, due to the “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act”, which doesn’t

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“LOOK AWAY” – 3 Ways To Keep Your Teens From Porn

  In the world we live in today, it’s a likely reality that your children will inevitably see porn one day – but whether or not they take a second look, or ever seek it out, is a decision only they can make. There is so much you as a parent can do to equip them to make the choice to look away. Here are our top 3 things every parent needs to do with their teens. 1. Teach them to avoid soft porn 2. Study the effect pornography has on the brain 3. Dialogue Soft porn How do you define soft porn? Partial sexuality and nudity. It’s literally everywhere. This includes some of the newest Guess brand ads, teen flick sexual encounters and even the lyrics of roughly half the top 40 songs charting the billboards. The trouble with soft porn is quantity and availability, and that it’s a precursor

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Do You Really Need Filtering Software?

  Well yes. And…no. But mostly, yes. And when do you need it? Yesterday. The internet has never been more dangerous for kids. Researchers are a little uncertain as to how much of the worldwide internet usage is to view porn, but the numbers go between 30-50%. And while Google made some great changes to their Adwords program by not allowing porn in their advertising, you can still find porn in the search results (just not in the ads on the side). The average boy sees pornography for the first time at 10 years old – but we’ve met more parents than we can count whose child saw it closer to 7. Here’s the scoop on children and pornography: kids are curious, and they usually see inappropriate things for the first time by accident.  But what’s really sick, is the content is typically created to be addictive, and young kids are

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Why Modesty Matters to Boys Too

Ok, so let’s face it. When perusing the shelves for books or articles on modesty- the majority are aimed at teaching girls- young and old. Showing them why modesty is important, how dressing modestly helps the guys around them, how they can help their Christian brothers from lusting after them, etc. And, while these teachings have their place, I believe we MUST address the issue with our boys. Modesty is not just a girls’ issue- it has to be both. We have to teach our boys that modesty matters to them and it’s more than just a clothing issue, it’s a matter of the heart. We can’t let a generation of boys grow up thinking that modesty is all about the way a girl dresses. They have to understand from the very start: modesty means behaving in an appropriate manner, and that absolutely relates to them. When teaching my boys

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How Would Jesus Date?

By: Gary Thomas | Brain research suggests that romantic attachment—infatuation—is more powerful than the sex drive. Neurologically speaking, it’s easier to say no to physical sexual passion than it is to regulate the rush of emotional infatuation. Consider all the sermons you’ve heard as a single about reining in the sex drive, developing skills to say “stop” in the heat of passion, not letting yourself get into intense situations, and yet, neurologically, it’s more difficult to deny powerful emotions than it is to regulate sexual passion. Have you ever heard a sermon or read a blog about emotional self control? We can’t always choose who we get infatuated with; sometimes, infatuation just happens. But we can choose what to do with that infatuation. We can choose to slavishly follow it, laugh at it, or learn to manage it. In the interest of full disclosure, I did a miserable job of this as a single, so I

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Does Teaching Modesty Harm My Daughter’s Body Image?

5 Tips To Keep Your Modest Mothering Healthy | By: Dannah Gresh | Cultural backlash against the concept of modesty has never been greater! Not only does the secular media take stabs at the Christian modesty movement claiming there are “hidden victims” but the Christian media has taken pot shots, too. I’ve addressed their criticism and held back no punches, even including a rather graphic pictorial showcase demonstrating what led the Grammy Awards to issue a modesty code for celebs in attendance. In recent months, one of the “Christian watchdogs” who claim the modesty movement to be harmful to the development of girls asked to have full access to our Secret Keeper Girl event. And we said “yes.” She came armed for battle with the intent of writing yet another critical blog and tweeting every detail of what we did to harm little girls. At the end of the night, her worst tweets

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The Art of Example

     Life starts out with examples. A baby learns to walk by watching those around her, learns to speak by listening and as she grows, imitates the large world around her in play. Life is perpetuated by example. We succumb to ‘peer pressure’, follow the trends, drive by the rules (sometimes) and learn to adapt to circumstances. And despite the individualistic nature of each person on earth, for millions life and it’s meaning and goals are similar. We have learned by the example set around us that survival is priority, when someone is in the way you push them out of it and reach what makes you happy. Life is often about examples. But the greatest examples are the ones that most people don’t follow. These are, shockingly enough, the ones that go down through history, are told and retold to the generations, with bravado and heroism. ‘Example’ is

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Media’s Impact: Our Thoughts and Future

Connecting the pieces between our negative thinking and the movies, music and social networking we consume allows us to deliberately tailor our potential and opens up new opportunities to come in the opposite spirit and use media of all kinds for the glory of God. Focusing specifically on the countries I’ve visited in the past few weeks, Australia and Singapore, media defines opinions and shapes personalities. The fact that this media is often Americanized and highly hyped to an unrealistic level is often detrimental to expectations, personally and culturally. The prevalence of specifically American Media in Australia and Singapore gives testimony to the tenacity of western marketing in the eastern hemisphere and it’s willingness to adapt to attain customers- more so in Singapore than Australia. While both countries enjoy their own celebrities, the west’s influence speaks heavily into the lives of their citizens, particularly the youth. Statistics state consistently that the

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The Dark Side

Dear friends, As I’m sure many of you are aware, recent media activity specifically targeting our young people is very alarming. While this has been going on for some time, the Grammy’s (aired on January 26th) took on a much darker side than we’ve seen before.  The same evening the Disney Channel introduced their first gay parenting couple, on the prime time family show “Good Luck Charlie”, despite the best efforts of organizations such as 1 Million Moms (Disney failed to respond to the literally thousands of protest emails). Where the entertainment industry is leading our children is of the utmost concern, and the examples listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. Coming alongside some dear partners in ministry, Dannah Gresh, Dr Juli Slattery, and Moms in Prayer (to name a few), we are asking for you to set aside some crucial time for prayer this Saturday, March

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