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Easter Bunny Meets the Resurrection

3 Ways to Instill Faith in Your Children this Easter | By: The GOV Team | Published 4/11/14  No matter if the origins of the holiday are rooted in Christianity or not, it seems every season brings new controversy to Christians. Have you noticed this? Christmas: Santa Claus, Elf on the Shelf, trees and lights. Valentine’s Day: Chocolate, candy hearts, cards. St Patrick’s Day: Leprechauns, green clothing, accessories, candy. You probably get the idea – and we didn’t even list Halloween!  The challenge with these nationally recognized holidays is that we easily fall into one of two camps: 1. Boycott. After all, this is just another greedy, consumer based holiday which is completely devoid of all real meaning… OR 2. Hey, it’s for the kids. What’s wrong with making Valentine cupcakes for their entire class? And while we’re at it, let’s not forget to buy candy for the Easter egg

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Connecting Over Christmas

One of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions is Christmastime Devotions.  This is something the entire family looks forward to as we focus on the true meaning of this busy season.  Every night after dinner our family gathers in the living room and reads together from the Advent Book.  This beautiful book features 25 pages of intricately-painted doors and breaks up the Christmas story from Luke chapter 1 across 25 pages. We start with the first door on December 1st, and then each night we take turns opening a new door. Sometimes we pick who gets to read the first door by age, sometimes by birthdays, sometimes by random choice. Every night ends up being a time of sweet fellowship and devotion. As soon as our youngest child at the time learns to talk, the first page is “their day”, and they read (or say from memory) “His name shall be

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Parenting as Preventative Social Justice

Whether it be planned or unplanned, diligent or flippant, parenting is a worldwide task that is not only viewed radically different in separate countries, but also carried out in a distinctly individual method. For example, in Singapore the drive is mainly towards education and a successful career. Anything less and the family loses face through the math score of a 12 year old. On the other hand, American children are encouraged to make their own way yet still conform to the image that media and peers represent. The conflict is an easy choice for anyone wishing to survive through middle school. If you don’t want to be rejected, society tells us to become like everyone else. Though pressure is immense no matter what country you live in, science has shown that parents are still the number one influence in their children’s lives- yes, a close runner up to media and peers,

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What is a Family Blessing?

The Bible is full of examples of God blessing people, fathers blessing children, and kings and apostles blessing the congregations they served. Sadly, blessing is a practice we have lost in our culture, and our kids are feeling this loss acutely. They may not realize it, but they suffer from lack of acceptance, identity, and purpose. One of the best things you can do for your kids is regularly speak words of blessing and affirmation over them. The best part is – it’s not hard and it doesn’t take very long! It can be as simple as laying your hands on your children, thanking God for sending them into your family, speaking intentional words of blessing over them (the Bible has some awesome blessings already written), and asking for God’s favor to be upon them. For a more intricate look at blessing and specifically how to bless, (whether you have

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How do I get dad involved with our kids?

Practical ways dad can connect Dear moms: sometimes it hard for us to identify with why our husbands can seem distant or disconnected from the kids. Chances are that there are a host of reasons dad is distant, and none of them are intentional. One of the most common reasons dads aren’t as involved is because they simply don’t know how. Especially if your hubby comes from a family where his own father was missing or emotionally absent, this has a much greater effect on his parenting style than probably even he realizes. It’s important that you don’t guilt him into spending more time with you and the kids. Proverbs has an awful lot to say about being quarrelsome (check out Proverbs 21:19), so let’s not be one of those wives! Encourage him when he does things with the kids, even small things. Let him know how much the kids love

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