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5 Ideas for Fathers

Fathers sometimes get a bad rap. It feels like there are more negative statistics surrounding fathers and their influence (or more accurately – lack thereof), yet again and again the research proves that parents are the number one influence in their child’s life. So use your influence for good, Dad! Simple acts of reaching out to your children can make a significant difference in their lives. One area I see a disconnect between parents and kids is in the realm of technology. Parents feel like they can’t or don’t want to understand it, and kids feel like it is free game. In February, I was ministering in Australia, and one gentleman shared an excellent concept with the group during my team’s Tech Talk. He said in his house, tech world is open world. Meaning, his children (who were a little older – I don’t suggest this approach if you have

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Easter Bunny Meets the Resurrection

3 Ways to Instill Faith in Your Children this Easter | By: The GOV Team | Published 4/11/14  No matter if the origins of the holiday are rooted in Christianity or not, it seems every season brings new controversy to Christians. Have you noticed this? Christmas: Santa Claus, Elf on the Shelf, trees and lights. Valentine’s Day: Chocolate, candy hearts, cards. St Patrick’s Day: Leprechauns, green clothing, accessories, candy. You probably get the idea – and we didn’t even list Halloween!  The challenge with these nationally recognized holidays is that we easily fall into one of two camps: 1. Boycott. After all, this is just another greedy, consumer based holiday which is completely devoid of all real meaning… OR 2. Hey, it’s for the kids. What’s wrong with making Valentine cupcakes for their entire class? And while we’re at it, let’s not forget to buy candy for the Easter egg

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Does Teaching Modesty Harm My Daughter’s Body Image?

5 Tips To Keep Your Modest Mothering Healthy | By: Dannah Gresh | Cultural backlash against the concept of modesty has never been greater! Not only does the secular media take stabs at the Christian modesty movement claiming there are “hidden victims” but the Christian media has taken pot shots, too. I’ve addressed their criticism and held back no punches, even including a rather graphic pictorial showcase demonstrating what led the Grammy Awards to issue a modesty code for celebs in attendance. In recent months, one of the “Christian watchdogs” who claim the modesty movement to be harmful to the development of girls asked to have full access to our Secret Keeper Girl event. And we said “yes.” She came armed for battle with the intent of writing yet another critical blog and tweeting every detail of what we did to harm little girls. At the end of the night, her worst tweets

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The Art of Example

     Life starts out with examples. A baby learns to walk by watching those around her, learns to speak by listening and as she grows, imitates the large world around her in play. Life is perpetuated by example. We succumb to ‘peer pressure’, follow the trends, drive by the rules (sometimes) and learn to adapt to circumstances. And despite the individualistic nature of each person on earth, for millions life and it’s meaning and goals are similar. We have learned by the example set around us that survival is priority, when someone is in the way you push them out of it and reach what makes you happy. Life is often about examples. But the greatest examples are the ones that most people don’t follow. These are, shockingly enough, the ones that go down through history, are told and retold to the generations, with bravado and heroism. ‘Example’ is

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Chastity, Manliness, and the College Safari

GOV Note: Living a lifestyle of sexual integrity can be tough – especially in college. It’s easy to succumb to the idea that sexual purity and integrity is just a “Christian” thing, and ‘everyone is hooking up’.  If they fail to see others endeavoring to live a pure lifestyle, many give up on the idea altogether. Enter  The Love & Fidelity Network, a national secular program that aims to equip college students with the resources, arguments, and support they need to uphold the institution of marriage and the integrity of  human sexuality. We’re excited to share some of their blogs with you, such as the one you’re about to read. Chastity, Manliness, and the College Safari By Richie Martin | Published on January 16, 2014 I heard once of an African tribe where, for a man to be worthy of a woman, he had to kill a lion. But what about the modern American university-man? Here

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Dateless on Valentine’s?

Is your tween or teen dateless this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you are witnessing them struggle as their peers make Valentine’s Day plans. In the face of our present culture, a dateless Valentine’s Day can leave one feeling unwanted and somewhat miserable. Your tweens and teens need to know that love is a good thing. Truthfully, it’s a wonderful thing. It’s good because God made it and, in fact, Scripture says God is love (1 John 4:16). Your tweens and teens should look forward to a relationship with their spouse. But just because their significant other isn’t on their arm at the moment, that doesn’t mean there is something lacking in their lives or they are less of a person. This may take some convincing, Mom and Dad, and you’re going to want to really pray for backup, too, because you’ll be going head-to-head with a lot of Hollywood’s messages. The

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How do I talk to my daughter about the Grammy’s?

By:  Dannah Gresh | Published:  January 29, 2014   Hopefully, you’re daughter was all tucked into bed when the Grammy’s started out with grinding Sunday night, but it’s likely that some girls her age—perhaps friends at school—were glued to the television. Pre-show media touted the 2014 Grammy Awards as a family affair. Huffington Post even offered a table talk guide and ideas to help kids ”cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of recorded music to American culture.” But what the world saw—from grinding to explicit lyrics to darkly themed performances to a “church” service— was not appropriate for young viewers, and you may need help navigating post-show conversations with your kids whether they saw the show or are just hearing about it from friends. And—whether you realize it or not—there really is something worth talking about. Her name is Natalie Grant. Grammy-nominated, five-time Dove Award winning recording artist Natalie Grant

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Where Are the Men?

A Feminist Defends Masculinity By:  John Stonestreet | Published:  January 9, 2014   You probably won’t see her on Fox News. And she doesn’t have a column in National Review. But a lesbian academic trained at Yale, Camille Paglia, who describes herself as a “notorious Amazon feminist,” is an unlikely prophet of cultural doom. And maybe that’s why we should listen to what she has to say. In a wide-ranging interview in the Wall Street Journal, Paglia says most feminists today deny the basic differences between the sexes, and as a consequence are setting us up for a huge fall. “What you’re seeing is how a civilization commits suicide,” she says. How? Well, Paglia says, many members of the cultural elite have no experience in the military and in fact disdain military service, a traditionally male province. “These people don’t think in military ways,” Paglia says, “so there’s this illusion

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Miley Cyrus and the Moral Gag Reflex

De-Pornifying Culture By:  John Stonestreet | Published:  January 7, 2014   Looking at culture, it’s tempting to give up in despair. As the dad of little girls, for example, when I see the relentless objectification of women by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, I’m tempted to think that any attempt in what William Wilberforce called a “reformation of manners” is futile. It seems that instead, in the words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, we have to “define deviance down.” But lately, there have been encouraging signs. It’s too soon to call it a “reformation of manners” but a backlash to what one recent author called our cultural vulgarity is already asserting itself—not via the boycotts of angry culture warriors but by some of the unlikeliest cultural allies in politics, the media, and the music industry. For example, several celebrities have spoken out who’ve been repulsed by the shameless pornification of “entertainers” such as

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10 Goals for 2015 (for Parents)

 Your guide to sticking with resolutions that are worth sticking with.  By:  The Generations of Virtue Team   “This year, I’ll lose a few pounds”. “This year, I’ll spend more time with the kids”. “This year, I’ll have the birds and the bees talk with my son”. Did you make any resolutions earlier this year? New Year’s resolutions: also known as goals and high expectations for the coming year. Many of us are familiar with this annual routine, and often our goals are noble and probably in great need of attaining. Yet according to Forbes, only 8% of us actually accomplish the goals we make as we ring in the New Year. If that statistic is discouraging, don’t worry – there are several ways you can make your resolutions a reality, and we’re here to help. We’ve put together 10 goals for parents that will help you, your family, and

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